Budget Management

  • Financial Responsibility
  • Pre and Post Budget Management Meetings
  • Post Meeting Survey and Evaluation
  • Daily reconciliation
  • Master account reconciliation

Budget Responsibility – Sympose will work closely with each client to assure budgets are met for Food and Beverage, A/V, Suppliers, Direct Mail, Website, etc.

Pre and Post Budget Management Meetings – Will be scheduled, run and approved by Sympose in order to accurately describe the your needs as well as going over the master account day-by-day to assure accountability in reaching your budget.

Master Account Reconciliation – All negotiations with the hotel will be done through Sympose. Before a client is presented with a bill for approval, it will be scrutinized for potential costly errors. This can be a very time consuming process, but it often results in significant savings for our clients.

Post Meeting Survey and Evaluation- Sympose will conduct post meeting survey with the venue management, company management and participants to evaluate how well the meeting objectives were met and to assist in preparations for the next meeting. This will conclude the process of producing a flawless meeting.

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Sympose lets you custom select the services you need. Select from meeting registration with badge printing, site section, meeting management, event management, or financial management.

We plan and implement highly successful meetings and conferences around the globe. With a strong background in the hospitality industry, our meeting planners will negotiate the very best rates, organize the room logistics, plan meals and entertainment, develop creative incentive programs, and handle registration for you event. Let us take care of the logistics for your conference. In selecting Sympose, you have chosen the best.