Live Meeting

Our customized Live Meeting Software is focused on providing services to international standard bodies and other organizations with high technical requirements.

Participate, Contribute, Innovate ™

Sympose Live Meeting Software enable organizations to offer the option of hybrid meetings. Remote attendees can fully participate from any location in the world via Internet, contribute to sessions and be part of innovative solutions. Our unique system allows for a stair-step permisions portal, enabling managers to select view/listen options or complete remote participation.

To learn more bout how to optimally utilzie Sympose Live Meeting Software, and increase your meeting quality, attendance and effectiveness - contact our sales team.

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Sympose lets you custom select the services you need. Select from meeting registration with badge printing, site section, meeting management, event management, or financial management.

We plan and implement highly successful meetings and conferences around the globe. With a strong background in the hospitality industry, our meeting planners will negotiate the very best rates, organize the room logistics, plan meals and entertainment, develop creative incentive programs, and handle registration for you event. Let us take care of the logistics for your conference. In selecting Sympose, you have chosen the best.