Meeting Management

Meeting Management

  • Point of contact with venue General Registration
  • Web Based Registration
  • Rooming List Management
  • Food and Beverage Planning
  • Scheduling of breakout/meetings
  • Banquet Event Orders- BEO
  • Audio/Visual Selection and Facilitation
  • Speakers and Entertainment
  • VIP Treatment
  • Team Building Activities
  • Off-Premise Activities
  • informational & directional signage
  • Print Coordination for Meeting Materials

No detail is too small to overlook. Sympose will execute the plan.

General Registration – All attendees may register via our web based registration- Your group can also use a Sympose website to register and pay on line with a credit card.

Rooming List Management – Sympose will coordinate and cross reference all rooms in the hotel and any other hotels used with the registrations provided by the client (via the Internet, mail and fax, etc.) to make sure all rooms are matched with the appropriate attendees, working closely with the reservations department at the hotel and providing updates on a monthly/weekly/bi-weekly basis. Lists of staff, speakers, VIP's, etc. will also be provided by Sympose once you have approved it .

Food and Beverage Planning – Will be the sole responsibility of Sympose as dictated by the client in terms of menu selections, budget, food tasting, preparing the BEO and Resume as well as on site management of all aspects of food & beverage including all meals, breaks, etc.

Banquet Event Orders- BEO- Sympose will provide all necessary information for the hotel to collate the BEO, they will be approved by the client once revised by Sympose and signed off on for guarantees of each function day by day during your program.

Audio/Visual Selection and Facilitation- Coordinating all the audio and visual aspects of your meeting to create a great production and experience. All A/V needs will be sent to the hotel by room, by day from Sympose with your approval. Forms will be provided for all VIP's, speakers, entertainers and moderators to ensure that all their specific A/V requirements are met.

Speakers and Entertainment - Sympose will contact and take care of all their specific requirements.

VIP Treatment- Sympose will coordinate all of the VIP's specific requirements.

Team Building Activities- We will plan recreational and other activities to help your associates share valuable time together enabling them to grow and prosper as a team.

Off-Premise Activities- Sympose will also coordinate all off-premise entertainment, events, spouse tours and programs,etc.

Direct Mail – Design, assemble and receive calls, emails, mail and faxes with questions.

Print Coordination for Meeting Materials- We will arrange for the preparation and organization of all the materials necessary to ensure that your program will be well organized and efficient.

Marketing & Promoting Your Meeting- Sympose will provide the promotional tools necessary to accomplish all of your objectives.

For your special event, Sympose will effectively execute all of our premium meeting planning services:

Consultation, Pre-Planning and Program Design of unique and creative events to Site Analysis and Selection of distinctive destinations to Meeting Management and On-Site Meeting Services to insure that all details are meticulously attended to.

Whether it is:

  • Creative food and beverage choices or
  • A tour of wine country or
  • A shopping excursion for spouses or
  • Sporting events such as golf and tennis tournaments or
  • Team building events such as a scavenger hunt or
  • Themed events and parties or
  • Special entertainment with celebrity guests and speakers or
  • Multimedia presentations or
  • Unique premiums, gifts and awards

and much, much more...

Learn more about other areas of our meeting planning services.

Sympose lets you custom select the services you need. Select from meeting registration with badge printing, site section, meeting management, event management, or financial management.

We plan and implement highly successful meetings and conferences around the globe. With a strong background in the hospitality industry, our meeting planners will negotiate the very best rates, organize the room logistics, plan meals and entertainment, develop creative incentive programs, and handle registration for you event. Let us take care of the logistics for your conference. In selecting Sympose, you have chosen the best.